Build the BestWeb 3.0Infrastructure for Global Fans in the World.
Biannual WEB3 Industry Extravaganza
Like Token 2049, we offer opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment alongside business networking.
Massive Exposure
Each festival provides unparalleled opportunities for project and brand exposure to millions, gaining valuable seed users.
Enhancing AI-driven Fair Launch and DEX
Leveraging festival-generated revenue and popularity to continuously support the fair launch platform and AI-driven tokens
Raised Funds
100million fans
Global Influence
Global Influence
Key Features
WEB3 Music Festival
Real-world Music Festival Integration
Monetization and Influence Expansion of Virtual Idol IPs
A Fair Launch Platform
Welcomes all virtual IPs and project issuances
Allows everyone to launch their own virtual idol meme coins
AI Virtual Idol Dapp
Games that support AI Companion and Interaction
User Participation and Rewards
2024 Milestones
Initial Funding and Development
Funding Secured : 10 Million USD
Launch of Fansland Website & Socials
$FANS Points Program launching
Fansland WEB3 Music Festival
1st Music Festival Launching -- May @Bangkok
2nd Music Festival (Electrical themed), Sept. @Singapore [Preparing]
Technical and Development
More to come

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

What is Fansland?

Fansland is a pioneering Web3 platform that seamlessly integrates real-world music festivals, virtual idol IPs, and token assets with AI interaction experiences. Offering a unique blend of entertainment and technology, it provides fair launch opportunities, interactive AI companions, NFT ticketing, DeFi features, and immersive events, aims to bring billions of fans into the Web3 economy.

Fansland's Backer

Backed by Fantopia, IME Entertainment, Linear Capital, Falablock, and Ape 6858, and supported by BNB Chain and Polygon. Initial fundraising reached $10,000,000 USD, with Dex & Dapp launch and token listing expected in 2024.

What is Fansland WEB3 Music Festival?

The Fansland Music Festival is the world’s large-scale Web3 music event, uniquely blending live performances with virtual engagements. It showcases a diverse lineup of both real-world artists and AI-driven virtual idols. This festival not only offers thrilling entertainment but also serves as a real-world application of blockchain technology, with features like NFT ticketing and tokenized interactions. Here, attendees experience a new dimension of musical events, where digital and physical realms converge, creating an immersive, interactive fan experience that leverages the power of Web3 to enhance engagement and offer unique incentives and rewards to its participants.

What are $FANS tokens and how can I earn them?

$FANS tokens are the native currency of the Fansland platform. They can be used for various transactions, staking, voting, and accessing exclusive content. You can earn $FANS tokens by participating in community activities, completing tasks on our Dapp, purchasing NFT tickets, and engaging in events. We also offer weekly airdrops and rewards for active community members.

How does the AI interaction feature work on Fansland

Fansland's AI interaction feature allows users to create and engage with AI virtual idols. These idols can interact with users through natural language processing, provide companionship, and participate in various tasks and activities. Users can train their virtual idols, influence their development, and even launch their own idol tokens through our platform.

Build the Best Web3 + AI Infrastructure for Global FANS
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